Clerical Plus – Writing, Editing…

11689953_mlAt Clerical Plus, we are your Verbal Positioning System (VPS). We help authors, speakers, coaches, and others from driving potential sales away by assisting with word usage, punctuation, and top-quality editing services ensuring a smooth road which leads to your profitable professional written image.

Clerical Plus is your road map to successful written communications – everything from speeches to books to blog posts to marketing copy. Like the GPS in your car, Verbal Positioning System can zoom out to look at the big picture and help you plan and organize a writing project or zoom in down to very detailed editing and proofreading services.

So when you’re lost for words, trust Verbal Positioning System. We’ll take you where you want to go. For more on our writing and editing services click here.

“Wow, how fortunate that I got connected to the services of Colleen Wietmarschen.  When you require written materials she needs to be your “go-to” person.  The press release she created for me was flawless and the first one ever written by a service that didn’t have to be rewritten!  Thank you, Colleen, for the professional work and for being a joy with whom to work.”  Kay Fittes, Founder High-Heeled Success, LLC


“I’m delighted I have had the opportunity to work on projects with Colleen. In working on newsletters and marketing campaigns, it can be challenging to maintain “fresh eyes.” I rely heavily on Colleen to correct the awkward phrases, fix incorrect grammar usage, and punctuation mishaps. She has dramatically improved the quality of our publications! Perhaps even more importantly, her writing is simply seamless and beautifully done. I count myself lucky to have the opportunity to work with Colleen.”